Top 10 Music Copyright Clashes

No music comes from scratch anymore, or at least that’s what a lot of music experts say. Bands and solo singers talk about influences and usually make their music by getting inspired by someone else’s music.

Music genres i.e. blues and hip-hop are based on borrowing out of tradition or necessity. Simply put, every singer that you love, no matter how unique and innovative, produces music that is comprised of some parts stolen out of someone else’s music.

While being ‘inspired’ is considered okay, outright copying isn’t. Here are the top 10 music copyright clashes:

  1. Led Zeppelin

Led Zeppelin is vulnerable to a potential copyright infringement lawsuit that accuses the band of copying the fragments of their song “Stairway to Heaven” from former touring mates, Spirit.

  1. Oasis

Luke Bradley, while celebrating the 20th anniversary of Oasis “definitely maybe,” noticed that the influential British band couldn’t form a single song without copying The Beatles with a Ladbrokes promo code 2018.

  1. George Harrison

“My Sweet Lord” is Harrison’s top hit song. Soon, it was argued that the song was similar to The Chiffon’s “He’s So Fine.”  The judge who was seeing the copyright clash in 1976 said, “The two songs are virtually identical!” It was said to be a coincidence by Harrison.


  1. The Strokes

Back in 2001, Albert Hammond, Jr. set classic rock enthusiasts on fire when The Strokes’ “Last Nite” bubbled onto the FM. Why? Well, the garage was once again open to the mainstream, as people believed that the song was quite similar to American Girl by Petty. However, the two songs had different lyrics.

  1. The Beach Boys

There’s no room for an argument here.  “Surfin’ USA” is exactly the same as “Sweet Little Sixteen”. However, you can’t blame The Beach Boys only. So many bands and singers have ripped off Chuck Berry for years.

  1. John Fogerty

John Fogerty, after 2 average ‘70s solo albums and legal battles with record labels, took a break from music. He came back in 1985 with a #1 record, Centerfield. Later, he became a prey to legal cases and penalties since his single “The Old Man Down the Road” was similar to Run Through the Jungle by Creedence Clearwater Revival

  1. Ray Parker Jr. for the Ghostbusters theme

Lewis blamed Ray Parker for stealing his song, “I Want a New Drug.” The songs sound a bit similar when we talk about rhythm, but the song can’t be called a copied version. This copyright crash made Parker, Jr. settle out of court.

  1. Crazy Doggz

If you copy a song, you will have to pay. Todd, Demetri, and their manager, Murray Hewitt, had to suffer when their Polished “cover version” of “Doggy Bounce” came out.

  1. Red hot chili peppers

Tom Petty is accused twice of stealing songs previously released by other bands. There are similarities in chord progressions and vocals between “Mary Jane’s Last Dance” and the Red Hot Chili Peppers’.

  1. Coldplay

A suit had been filed against Coldplay for their song Viva la Vida as the song was claimed to be similar to Foreigner Suite; the Cat Stevens classic. Joe Satriani also claimed that the song the copy of one of his songs.