The Story Of The Copyright Symbol

You might be familiar with this symbol ©; you might have seen it at the bottom of a song, or a document or a web page. This symbol represents that the article you are viewing, or listening to (depending on circumstance) is copyrighted.

Section 18 of the Copyright Act of 1909 was responsible for introducing the copyright symbol © to the US. This symbol is used for media protection; it is often accompanied by some other details regarding the article which further protect it.

Although the copyright law was originally intended for the illegal copying of books, however, nowadays it is used for preventing and protecting different articles from imitations.

The law offers protection for one’s work and this protection lasts at least 50 to 100 years even after the death of the author. This copyright law is implemented worldwide.

A bit about the copyright symbol

The copyright symbol you are familiar with was professionally designed and can be found on typewriters and keyboards both. The logo consists of the letter ‘c’ that is placed within a circle.

This symbol signifies the protection that this law provides to the owner of the article, like Ladbrokes promotional code 2018. It is also used for representing the publication year as well. This symbol is black in color. Furthermore, it is bold which is used for representing a warning to the people who intend on disobeying the law.

The font of the symbol includes the letter ‘c’ in bold, the “c” is written in a simple, clear and a self-explanatory font.

What does the term copyright mean?

However, you do not need a symbol in order to protect your work legally. Now if you’re still confused about what the term copyright means then this term and symbol indicate that the article on display is owned by the author.

This law includes protection for literary work, sculptural work; musical works, etc. The author will retain this ownership unless he or she gives written permission to someone allowing them to copy or use their work.


Until and unless you have the permission of the author you may not:

  • Reproduce the article
  • Distribute copies of the article
  • Showcase a performance regarding the article, or simply put the article up on public display

You might not see the copyright symbol on a sound recording. However, if you were to look closely you’ll notice a “P,” this indicates that the sound recorded is copyrighted and may not be used without permission.

How to further protect one’s work?

If you wish to further expand on your copyright ownership then it is advisable to place some other information besides the symbol. The copyright symbol is often accompanied by publication date of the article and lastly the name of the author. You don’t need permission from the U.S Copyright Office for a copyright notice.

How to create the copyright symbol?

Now, if you intend to create a copyright symbol for a web page, then all you need to do is use HTML and type in codes of “&copy, ” or you could opt for “&#169” instead, make sure to remove the quotations though. Or you could simply copy paste the symbol into your document instead.