The Grand National and Copyrights

Being one of the richest races with horses, the Grand National gives some of the best rewards to the winners. With great money being awarded for the winners this year, which sums in one million Euros, it is sure to reel in a huge crowd of people.

Because of its huge success, it has also attracted a lot of sponsors, which leads to even more popularity. Seagram Distillers was one of the sponsors in the earlier years which ran the course of seven years straight. Next would be Martell for twelve years, John Smith for eight and Crabbie for two.

As you can see, only sponsors who believe that something they are sponsoring is very successful would do this at all. Having lots of support is a great boost for this race, and it’s no wonder that everyone loves coming here, watching the games and also betting online on Grand National. It’s a race where anyone can join in this competition to see where their journey takes them.

How Big can This Race Really Get?

There are many people who can enter at a time and forty can make the cut to perform on their horse. Although the proper way to say this is that they are one with the horse, for you cannot win without your partner. In this case, the horse is a huge part in winning- just like the person.


Everyone has to keep an open mind that only a quarter of the people who enter can actually win the prize. Not everyone has that lucky shot, so it’s not a surprise when you see how determined the contestants are.

The winner will be walking home with 561,000 Euros and the ones below him/her that also won, will get great amounts of money too, but not as much as the first one does. However, it’s still a huge deal and to walk away with any of those rewards is with pride and honour.

It’s also not like you have to have very special abilities to perform either, anyone can. This race is fit for any type of horse that can run. There is no limit to the variety of horses that can perform in this competition, especially after the stunning wins in the past.

Is it Protected?

With great popularity comes great security. Trying to stay secure can be hard, especially when your name is out there for the whole world to see. Making sure that the business is well in good hands can be tough, but with patience and good knowledge, it can be achieved.

The Database Directive have laws that can protect the things that are wanted kept safe. Working against the clock everyday can take its toll, but when you look at the competition, it’s worthy of such treatment. It’s not something anyone would want to lose.

To lose something with lots of recognition and money would be disastrous, so therefore it is looked after.