Is The Gambling Industry Funding Illegal Streaming Websites?

While you’re busy gambling online on the best betting site, you might have seen some pop-up adverts on the sides. These adverts are usually on illegal TV streaming websites, and are usually part of the “ways to get rich fast” scams also known as the “Brits Method.”

You might also see some adverts showing desperate housewives that are in search of people who are willing to hook-up with them. However, there are some authorized companies as well that use these gambling sites to advertise or fund their company and services.

There are plenty of betting sites where you’ll see links to some popular TV shows, however, according to the Gambling Commission all those websites that violate copyright regulations should not be advertised on any licensed gambling firms.

How are these streaming websites escaping?

Streaming websites basically attempt to dodge past these copyright regulations by simply providing links to pirated content instead. These sites do not host these pirated content themselves.

These websites keep changing their domain names in order to evade the anti-piracy companies, and so far they seem to be winning. These websites are able to make quite a fortune through these adverts in the gambling industry; however, authorities are trying their best to stop them.

The majority of the people who gamble, start gambling at a young age. With these adverts on display, these people are bound to come across them when gambling or doing any other activity online.

The “Operation Creative.”


Authorities are now taking steps to stop this breach of copyright rules. The City of London Police has introduced a new initiative known as the “Operation Creative.” This initiative is designed to help in identify all those websites that breach the copyrights and to blacklist them.

This way they’ll be able to prevent other digital advertisers, websites and online industries (the gambling industry as well) from doing business with sites that are violating the laws.

The Gambling Commission which manages the British betting firms has also been involved in this initiative. The commission is now handing out gambling licenses to sites that follow the regulations and are also funded by the industry.

They get paid the fee that has been assigned by the Department for Culture, Media, and Sport. This initiative will help in decreasing the gambling advertisements that appear on the websites and then provide illegal access to copyrighted contents.

While the initiative has brought forth many websites, there are still plenty of gambling firms that are not implementing the regulations. There is, however, no suggestion whether or not their licenses will be revoked or not.

It seems like it is not working!

Betting firms are now facing some tough regulations regarding their daytime TV and social media adverts. These are a part of the fixed-odds betting terminals and are quite profitable for the industry.

However, by advertising these adverts on illegal streaming websites, betting websites have also found themselves a place to advertise without having to worry about the rules and regulations. Both gambling industry and the illegal streaming websites are making most out of the situation.

While the authorities have tried to use the initiative to stop them, it seems like they might have to try a bit harder!