When Does Copyright Protection Expire?

Copyright is the way by which creators secure their own work. It may occur that the creator or author published the work with their name. It is also possible that the published work is anonymous or pseudonymous or it’s work for hire. Depending upon this factor and many such issues the duration of the expiration

The Spanish law about copyrights in gambling; preserving personal information

In Spain, there is a central Government working with 17 autonomous regions and two cities. Gambling in Spain is recognized in the Gaming Act in 1977. The Spanish Gaming Act is better known as “Ley 13/2011, de 27 de mayo, de regulación del Juego” was implemented in 2011 to regulate gaming and gambling. The main

The Story Of The Copyright Symbol

You might be familiar with this symbol ©; you might have seen it at the bottom of a song, or a document or a web page. This symbol represents that the article you are viewing, or listening to (depending on circumstance) is copyrighted. Section 18 of the Copyright Act of 1909 was responsible for introducing

What are the copyright laws on photos taken at sports events?

Digital journalism has become a fast growing industry and has been advancing greatly in today’s generation.  This is leading to restrictions on photography done in sports events in many different countries, including the United States. There are a variety of restrictions on different contexts. Let’s take a look at some of these: Public property vs

What is the Berne Copyright Convention?

The Berne Convention is an agreement that offers authors the protection and rights for their literary and artistic works, even after their death. This agreement was introduced in Bern in 1886, and over the years has been modified numerous times. The agreement is basically based on three essential principles and offers a number of solutions

How Do Online Gaming Companies Handle My Payment Information?

For numerous reasons, many financial institutions have considered the online gaming industry as an industry which involves great financial risks. There are more than 25,000 platforms for online gaming that generate an overall worldwide revenue of USD $40 billion. Given the regulatory and the legal environment that surrounds online gaming, it is crucial for online